Why have many of us become desensitized to the natural flows of energy?

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In today’s modern society, many of us have become desensitized to the natural flows of energy we find in and around us. We as individuals are surrounded by an aura, an energy field, have energy channels and meridian points, have a chakra system, force centers, that generate and stores energy and emotions. Energy channels in and around the body can sometimes become blocked and out of balance, and if the body can not efficiently direct the flow of energy to where it is most needed, we could find ourselves becoming unwell on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

When this happens, this can lead to a number of issues such as, tiredness and fatigue, negative or trapped feelings and emotions, anxiety and depression, poor blood flow and circulation, a weak immune system leading to ill health, and you could find yourself further susceptible to exterior negative energies and emotions.
Healing means to make well and a healer is a channel for positive energy that is universal energy, from a higher source. This energy is channeled through the healers hands and drawn into the clients body as healing energy to where it is required. The healing takes place either on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels, as well as balancing and cleansing the chakras, and working on the auric field.

A healing is usually performed over a period of an hour, with the client lying down on a couch (or seated if preferred), fully clothed with a hands off approach taken the majority of the time.

Remote/Distant healing can also be provided, meaning the client does not have to be present for the work to take place.

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